A Brief Introduction to Boat Show Bonds

A perusal of brokerage ads in any yachting magazine will often turn up an ad for a boat listed as "Not offered for sale or charter to U.S. residents while in U.S. waters." This isn’t simply a teaser: the boat really is for sale. But it is foreign-built, and that makes a sale to the American market complicated. When a foreign-built yacht enters American waters, it has to check in with U.S. Customs and Border Read More

Boating Across Borders: What You Need to Know About Foreign Documentation

After closing on a yacht, your single most important decision is to decide where to register it. At present, the most popular yacht registries in the world are the United States, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, the Cayman Islands, the Marshall Islands, and the British Virgin Islands. In addition to its own benefits and drawbacks, each yacht registry will have its own specific set of documentation requirements, but Read More

Understanding Your Yacht Import Duties

Few things are as exciting as purchasing a Yacht, and it is something that a growing number of people are doing each year. For many, it makes sense to purchase the vessel outside of the United States due to market supply, price, personal residence, and more. When importing a yacht or other pleasure watercraft, however, it is critical that you understand what import duties are, and how they will impact you. What Read More

How to Keep Your Listings Compliant with Customs

As  U.S. Customs has taken a more pronounced stance lately in looking at the foreign yachts coming into the US it will be extra important to make sure your yacht is in compliance with federal laws this boat show season. If you are a private owner with a foreign built hull looking at offering your yacht for sale in the US you want to make sure you have your proper import paperwork available to legally list your Read More

Yacht Brokers: Don’t Let a Big Sale Turn Into a Legal Nightmare

As a yacht broker, there is nothing better than closing a major transaction. In a perfect world, everything will proceed smoothly. Both parties will be happy, all your documents will be in order, and the yacht will be exactly what your clients dreamed of. Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world. There is a great deal that can go wrong in the yacht brokering business, and these issues can quickly escalate Read More

Enforcement of EPA Requirements on Vessel Importation

EPA enforcement is becoming a more prevalent issue for vessels importing into the US. This has been in the regulations for a while but has rarely been enforced. Before a few weeks ago we had only been asked 2 or 3 times in 15 years for the EPA conformity of the engines in a boat. Within the last month Customs has started requesting this on a regular basis and in Miami, Customs is requiring the WPA 3520-21 Engine Read More

Trying to Sell Your Yacht? Here are Six Useful Tips

Selling your yacht can be an overwhelming prospect, and it will likely take significantly more time and effort than you might imagine. Thus, we have detailed six useful tips to help you sell your vessel in the most efficient and profitable manner possible. Read on to learn more, and be sure to contact Howard S. Reeder, Inc with any questions you may have! 1) Advertise If you really want to sell your vessel, do Read More

The Alphabet Soup of Importation

As an importer, there are numerous agencies and system of which you must be aware. In fact, there is a veritable alphabet soup of acronyms that you will need to know and understand in order to ensure your importation practices are always legally compliant. Below is just a sampling of some of the most important acronyms which every importer needs to know: CBP CBP stands for “United States Customs and Border Read More

Yachting Abroad: 5 Highly Restricted Souvenirs by US Customs

US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) does not mess around when it comes to the importation of merchandise from foreign countries. They have a vast list of items that are either prohibited or restricted in some way, and it can be incredibly difficult to stay up to date on the often changing rules and regulations. If you’re like most people, when you travel abroad you like to collect souvenirs. Whatever you Read More

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