Domestic Documentation

Efficient and Worry-Free Domestic Vessel Registrations

There are a wide variety of factors that impact each vessel’s documentation requirements, including things like the size of the ship and the desired registration location. For those seeking to register their vessel right here in the US, our staff is here to guide you and ensure compliance with all state and federal regulations. As with foreign vessel registrations, we offer lien searches and handle all closing paperwork such as bills of sale and deeds of gift for vessel transactions. We also fulfill all domestic registration needs and requirements such as:

  • US Coast Guard Documentation
  • Florida Title and Registration
  • Delaware Registration
  • Setting up Delaware Corporations/LLC’s
  • Assistance with all other state registrations

Let Howard S. Reeder, Inc provide you with unmatched service when it comes to domestic vessel registrations and other marine documentation. Give us a call today to learn more.