Unparalleled Importation Expertise

Perishable and Non-Perishable Imports

Howard S. Reeder, Inc provides importers with expertise in navigating the regulations and processes involved with importing their products into the United States—whatever they may be. While we assist our clients with the importation of a nearly endless list of potential products, we specialize in a variety of  imports, including meat, seafood, produce, and a multitude of non perishable commodities. These types of products involve unique challenges and legal nuances that require an in-depth knowledge of Customs procedures and an effective logistical network in order to be imported successfully.

Our experienced import staff classify the products you are bringing in, perform the entry with CBP, FDA and USDA, and handle any holds and inspections requested by those agencies. Once the product is cleared we set up the trucking and delivery to your warehouse or destination of choice.

We are devoted to protecting both you and your product by making sure the importation process is handled legally, efficiently, and securely. In working with Howard S. Reeder, Inc, you will find a level of integrity, customer service, and attention to detail that is unsurpassed in our industry.


Howard S. Reeder, Inc also offers a variety of import options for vessels coming to the US depending on your specific needs.

For vessels entering the US for the use by  American residents or to be offered for sale to US residents, we can File Entry and arrange to Pay Duty.

For vessels coming in for a boat show that are over 79′ we can provide a Boat Show Bond allowing you to show your vessel in local boat shows for sale.

For vessels coming into the US as a display/spec boat we can provide a Temporary Importation Bond that doesn’t require duty payment.

For Foreign flagged vessel coming to the US to cruise we can provide a Customs Cruising License so you can move throughout the US on your vessel.

For vessel imports that qualify for Drawback we can handle the paperwork to get the entry done drawback filed and the duty refunded.

Finally, Howard S. Reeder, Inc can also provide vessel documentation through our Marine Documentation division.

If you are in need of assistance with the importation of a yacht or some other perishable or nonperishable product, please contact Howard S. Reeder, Inc to discuss what we can do to help you achieve your importation goals.