Yacht Documentation

Howard S. Reeder, Inc also offers a variety of import options for vessels coming to the US depending on your specific needs.

For vessels coming in for a boat show that are over 79′ we can provide a Boat Show Bond allowing you to show your vessel in local boat shows for sale.

For vessels coming into the US as a display/spec boat we can provide a Temporary Importation Bond that doesn’t require duty payment.

For Foreign flagged vessel coming to the US to cruise we can provide a Customs Cruising License so you can move throughout the US on your vessel.

For vessel imports that qualify for Drawback we can handle the paperwork to get the entry done and the duty refunded.

And as with all of our imports, we handle the Customs Entry and Duty payment, and the setup of any holds or inspections that are requested by Customs.

Finally, Howard S. Reeder, Inc can also provide vessel documentation through our Marine Documentation division.

Flawless Documentation for Yacht Transactions and Registrations

Our family has been passionate about yachting—both professionally and recreationally—since Howard S. Reeder, Sr. founded our company in 1940. For three generations we have honed our yacht expertise and we believe we have the knowledge and experience needed to help answer your questions and ensure all aspects of documentation for your yacht are properly handled, particularly when it comes to transactions and closings.

Whether you are a yacht broker or owner, and whether the yacht in question is foreign or domestically flagged, the sale of yachts in the US is a complex and sometimes risky proposition. It can be incredibly easy to make mistake that could be detrimental to your transaction.

Let the knowledgeable staff of Howard S. Reeder, Inc take the guesswork out of your yacht documentation so you can proceed with confidence. Our services are always personalized to fit your needs, and you can expect nothing less than the highest quality customer service.

Contact us for all of your yacht documentation needs!