What Do Our Past Clients Think of Us?

We’d like to give a big “Thank You” to all of our amazing clients that allow us to serve them and their own clients every day! We are incredibly proud to provide a selection of testimonials from those wonderful clients which we’ve had the joy of working with in the past. Read below to hear about their experiences working with our team:

We are fortunate to have your excellent services, keep up the good work!


Thanks for your help (and wisdom).


I’ll definitely be back! And it won’t have to be for a “rush.” You are the best!


You are, as usual, the greatest!!!


Thanks for keeping us in the loop. We are proud to recommend [Howard S. Reeder, Inc] to our clients, and will do so whenever possible.


I must compliment when a job is well done. This deal and the past couple deals with you. Docs were sent within a reasonable time; no mistakes on the documents. Lien search was done very quickly. Seller’s docs were complete and delivered on time. Thanks again, keep up the good work and by the way it’s very hard to please me.


Please use me as a recommendation. You have been great!!! Smooth sailing.


You know, I see that you are very dedicated, always available. I will probably make you our number 1 choice to suggest to customers.


I’m sure I must not be the first one to compliment you and your organization ASAP. Permit me to do it right here. For all interested parties to know. I already feel obliged due in fact by your performance, speed of action, and the results already obtained to compliment and highly recommend anyone who needs to register a vessel anywhere, to use your company and your services.

You have been helpful, understanding and precise in your guidance and recommendations, flawless in communication and you are still demonstrating this on a daily basis. For all these qualities, I have only admiration and commend your organization to any and all skippers. With these few words, I very sincerely thank you for the work you have already done on my behalf and for the work you will do for me on future registrations.


Thanks a bunch for your exemplary service over the period of my brokerage and for the apprentice years before that!