Trying to Sell Your Yacht? Here are Six Useful Tips

Selling your yacht can be an overwhelming prospect, and it will likely take significantly more time and effort than you might imagine. Thus, we have detailed six useful tips to help you sell your vessel in the most efficient and profitable manner possible. Read on to learn more, and be sure to contact Howard S. Reeder, Inc with any questions you may have!

1) Advertise

If you really want to sell your vessel, do not rely on word of mouth. Selling your yacht should be treated as an investment. You will probably need to put in some capital up front, and perhaps the most significant investment you can make is on advertising the sale. People will not know to purchase your vessel if they do not know it is available. Utilize various advertising channels, and do not be afraid to get creative!

2) Use a professional photographer

Your advertisements should include good photographs of your yacht. Do not underestimate how important these photos are. A skilled photographer will know how best to capture your vessel in order to present it to potential buyers in the best possible light in all forms of marketing, both literally and figuratively. This is a relatively cost-effective measure which can pay major dividends later.

3) Prepare your vessel before showing it

Before you show the yacht in person, take the time to thoroughly clean it and make it as presentable as possible. Even a fantastic vessel can seem undesirable if it looks sloppy during the visit. You may even want to consider hiring a professional service to clean the boat inside and out. Additionally, start up the vessel ahead of time, before the potential buyer arrives. Even a great engine can have some quirks when starting, and any strange sounds or issues while starting the vessel could quickly deter your buyer.

4) Go minimalist

Clean out as much of your personal property from the boat as you can, even in stowage areas. If the yacht looks overcrowded, it will seem to the potential buyer like there is less space than there really is. On a subconscious level, this can have an extremely detrimental impact on your sale.

5) Don’t limit yourself to local buyers

Some owners avoid trying to sell to buyers out of state or out of the country due to potential legal complexities and increased paperwork requirements. With the help of the knowledgeable professionals at Howard S. Reeder, Inc, these worries should never concern you. The more expensive your yacht, the smaller the pool of potential buyers, so you should never limit yourself to a local market.

6) Allow Howard S. Reeder, Inc to assist with the paperwork and closing

As previously stated, no matter how complex your closing may be, we can guide you every step of the way to ensure full legal compliance with all of your paperwork and every other aspect of your closing. Do not risk having a closing mistake or unforeseen circumstances sabotage the sale of your vessel. Give us a call today to learn more about how we can assist!

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